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Citizens of District 10A

It is hard to believe another legislative session begins in a few weeks, with another campaign season starting shortly after that.  I want to thank all my constituents in District 10A.  Your continued votes of confidence weighed heavily in my decision to seek another term.  I assure you I will continue to work hard to represent ALL members of District 10A.

I especially want to thank all the people who have supported my campaigns by volunteering, donating, putting up a sign and much, much more.  Without your help, work, and efforts we would not have been successful.  Now we must do it all again.

My number one priority will be to make sure you can count on Representative Ward to make sure that your voices, needs and desires are heard at the State Capitol.  You can count on me to “walk the walk, not just talk the talk.”

I expect each day of the next session to bring new challenges, excitement, joy, and sometimes frustration as I work to make things better for all of YOU.  I truly enjoy hearing from so many of you and will listen and address your concerns and requests. I will continue to introduce legislation that will benefit not only our district’s specific needs, but also the needs of working families, seniors, those less fortunate, disabled, students, small business owners, children and veterans of Minnesota.

Although I am recovering from two knee replacements, you will see me around District 10A as I attend as many community events and meetings as possible to stay in touch with you.
We were able to pass  a fair, balanced and long term budget, but Minnesota’s budget challenge is not over.   More work is needed to protect and advance your agenda, “The People’s Agenda.” You and thousands of other Minnesotans have consistently told me your agenda includes: living wage jobs, sustainable, predictable, fair and adequate education funding,  a fair and progressive tax system, adequately funding hospitals and nursing homes, access to comprehensive, affordable and portable health care, and protection of the environment.
I believe my experience, seniority, proven lead
ership and knowledge of the legislative process will enable me to help address Minnesota’s economic issues, especially living wage jobs.  The challenge will be to accomplish this without destroying the things that make Minnesota a great place to live.  Again, I believe that with a balanced bi-partisan approach,  this can be done. Together we will make a difference. Together, we will “Move Minnesota Forward!”

I ask you to stay in touch with me. I want to hear from you on the issues. Check this web site for frequent updates. You may also access my legislative web site and subscribe to email newsletters to get more detail on legislative happenings. 

I assure you I will continue to work tirelessly to represent you.  Once again, thank you for the opportunity you have blessed me with.  Your feedback and input is my most valuable tool. I can't do it without you. Please stay in touch.  

God bless, 

State Representative
District 10A

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Running for office takes a great deal of money.  To contribute to my campaign please click on the link above, fill out the contribution form, and mail it to my campaign.

Running for office requires a tremendous volunteer effort.  Click the link above if you would like to volunteer to help out on my campaign.

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